Off the grid

Posted: May 21, 2012 in The Weekly
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I’ll be laying low this week as I pack my bags and move once again.
It’s more a mental thing than physical. I abhor disruption. lol
Not much new going on right now anyway.

There is one thing I’m keeping an eye on, though. The FOX News website has evidently suspended its customers ability to comment on stories through DISQUS, but only on actual news items.
You can still comment on mindless pablum like which NBA team Kim and Khlobacca are having sex with or Lindsay Lohans latest drug bust.
They havent made any sort of statement on this that I’m aware of, but it bears watching when one of the largest conservative news sites on the planet starts censoring its customers.

Back in a week or so unless something big happens. ūüôā



Posted: May 17, 2012 in The Weekly

A Colombian prostitute asks a secret service agent to pay $800 for her services.

The secret service agent offers her $30.

Result…..possibly the only person in Washington attempting to cut spending gets fired.

Kudos to Rep. Peter King (R-NY) for declining to meet with the attention-whoring Colombian hooker at the heart of the recent Secret Service scandal after her request to do so.

His reasoning was that it would contribute little to the investigation other than to give a second wind to the media circus already surrounding it.

The right decision for exactly the right reason. There’s something you dont often see in politics.

If the Secret Service had declined to meet with her in the first place, we’d not even be having an investigation.


This is a famous, wealthy person in a Hollywood shell who has no concept¬†of what it’s like to worry about paying bills, has zero contact with¬†street crime, doesn’t have to put kids through college and has no concern at all¬†about losing their source of income.

It makes no difference in any tangible way who is elected president to Betty White.

The only difference between her and dopes like George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey is that she will long be dirt before any of Barack Obamas action and ideology even manifests itself anyway.

Her preference, as entitled to it as she may be, has no connection to this countrys reality whatsoever.

Also….ask her again in a few hours if she remembers who she endorsed. I bet she says Harry Truman.

How News Works

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Planet Common Sense: Obama sucks


Posted: May 11, 2012 in The Weekly
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Barack Obama has 97 different scandals working.

Mitt Romney is apologizing for high school pranks from 47 years ago.

Man….if it weren’t for voter fraud, absentee ballots from dead folks and the New Barack Panther Party, November wouldn’t even be close. Heh…

John Edwards

Posted: May 10, 2012 in The Weekly
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I just tried to read an article in the NY Daily News about Edwards alleged shennanigans, but in all honesty I couldn’t get a sentence past my eyes and into my brain.
The whole thing is, at best, unimportant…and there was an ad on the opposite page with a really attractive woman modeling glasses that kept distracting me.

But I will say this….

It’s a damn shame that the late John Ritter isn’t still with us to play Edwards when they make the movie.