Obama “Supports” Gay Marriage

Posted: May 9, 2012 in The Weekly
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Barack Obamas announcement today that he supports gay marriage was not an epiphany achieved after an extended period of agonizing consideration. There was no “evolving” in this thinking. There was no thinking in this thinking.

This was a carefully calculated political move based upon which stance would hurt him the least, and as such, it was a no brainer.

The vast majority of people that wanted Obama to side against gay marriage were never, in a million years, going to vote for him anyway. Not all…..but WAY most.

The vast majority of people that wanted him to come out (heh…) in support of gay marriage would have voted for him. He already had their votes, so he very clearly risked greater losses going against those folks wishes.

Will he lose some moderate and undecided votes because of this announcement? I’d say that’s a fair certainty. But to go the opposite way would cut into his existing support base, which is already taking some pretty good shots early in this race, and that just wouldn’t do.

This was not about integrity or moral character or evolution….or even giving the true issue a moments thought.

If it was about any of those things, he’d have come to todays conclusion long before today and been forthright about it from the start. This isn’t a new issue. This has been in the forefront since before he was president, and if his opinion was genuine he’d have gotten to it a long time ago. A leader leads.

This was cold, calculated politics.

This was pure campaign strategy.

Those that sought his blessing…..don’t get all warm and fuzzy over it. You’re not gay or straight or sideways to this man. You’re not even people.

You are votes.

  1. So it took him three years to come out of the closet himself on this issue? How stupid does he think we all are? I can see his nose going up in the air like an old hound dog sniffing the air thinking, “After the vote in NC, I smell political opportunity here!” So, now I am confused. When he ran for Illinois Senator he was against gay marriage. Now he is for it. So is he really for it or is he just a political whore?

  2. Bobby says:

    Ive wondered many times why this is even an issue. With so many more important and earthshaking things taking place, I cannot believe that this is even an issue. I couldnt care less if gays or lesbians or whatever want to get married or civil unioned or anything else. Just dont tell me I HAVE to do it myself. Im a straight man thats been married 4 times. Let them try for happiness or misery if they want and then lets get on to the real issues like the economy, jobs, education, runaway debt, and stupidly sending our young men and women to areas of the world to fight that most REGULAR Americans dont give two shits about. They got bin laden last May,so they say. Time to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and come to our own borders. I really dont see how anyone except a few companies that provide services and such to the troops have benefited from this at all. Was getting rid of Saddam really worth all the lives it has cost so far ? I say no. To me he was an Iraqi problem. Iran will eventually change due to their economic policies and self destruct or they’ll kill their failed leaders and vote in or appoint new ones.Its time for Americans to start thinking of America and doing for Americans! Rant done 🙂

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