Posted: May 11, 2012 in The Weekly
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Barack Obama has 97 different scandals working.

Mitt Romney is apologizing for high school pranks from 47 years ago.

Man….if it weren’t for voter fraud, absentee ballots from dead folks and the New Barack Panther Party, November wouldn’t even be close. Heh…

  1. oldfossil says:

    Yeah so I’m a hypocrite. So what. If I lived in the US I would probably think Commie, talk Liberal and vote Conservative.

    But I liked this blog a lot better when it was about life in general not about November 2012. Ask any non-American watching the spectacle from afar. If you’re planning on voting for either Obama or Romney, to put it mildly you have reality-perception issues. Nearer the time I bet that someone starts a movement urging that voters stay away from the polls, in protest at an electoral system that presented two such flawed candidates.

    To preserve your own integrity, Glen, so that you can look back with pride in ten years time, cut back the political advocacy just a little? Please?

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