Off the grid

Posted: May 21, 2012 in The Weekly
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I’ll be laying low this week as I pack my bags and move once again.
It’s more a mental thing than physical. I abhor disruption. lol
Not much new going on right now anyway.

There is one thing I’m keeping an eye on, though. The FOX News website has evidently suspended its customers ability to comment on stories through DISQUS, but only on actual news items.
You can still comment on mindless pablum like which NBA team Kim and Khlobacca are having sex with or Lindsay Lohans latest drug bust.
They havent made any sort of statement on this that I’m aware of, but it bears watching when one of the largest conservative news sites on the planet starts censoring its customers.

Back in a week or so unless something big happens. 🙂

  1. I found this on a Fox news Post…which seems to be back up.

    Attn: Fox Nation:
    For those of you wondering why many of the Fox News threads have been closed, it has nothing to do with the trolls spamming. In fact, it’s designed to eliminate it. Fox is waiting for disqus to complete the integration of their new “Disqus 2012”, which will allow for upvoting and downvoting on comments to eliminate spammers and trolls. Sorry trolls, your time here is almost over. This from the disqus website:

    Voting. Disqus 2012’s new voting system was meant to encourage richer discussions by letting communities curate the best comments. With the new voting features, 1-2% of comments on the new Disqus are getting hidden due to people downvoting. Looking through them, we can see that they are mostly spam, abusive, or trollish comments. That’s a good thing for voting as a self-moderation tool for the community. So, we’re making improvements.

    We’ve tweaked the collapsing/hiding threshold. Our goal is to make this smarter. We want to give people the power to kick out spammy, abusive comments — but prevent different opinions from being silenced.Upvotes and downvotes are now separate. Disqus is now surfacing the activity from both ends and making it clear to readers. We’ve heard this suggested a few times (even on this very blog) and we agreed that it was good improvement.

    We have more improvements to come in the near future. Soon, you’ll be able to see the names of people who have upvoted on a certain comment. We’re also working to tie in downvoting with the feature to flag comments for abuse.

    Source: Fox Poster ‘brianh’

  2. Jordan says:

    Your week is up Glen.

  3. oldfossil says:

    Hello, is there anybody in there, just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone home?

  4. He’s still alive! i saw him post on Fox news

  5. Anonymous says:

    Guess he doesn’t remember: “you can run…..but….you cannot hide….”

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