Arizona sherriff, Joe Arpaio, is being sued in federal court over his alleged racial profiling practices.

On the first day of this trial, Arpaio and his men should go into the Dept. of Justice, throw Eric Holder face down on the floor, handcuff him and arrest him for gun running and treason.

This would be the biggest “perp walk” since Christ carried his own cross through the streets of Jerusalem.

What a great moment in American history that would be.


Barack Obamas announcement today that he supports gay marriage was not an epiphany achieved after an extended period of agonizing consideration. There was no “evolving” in this thinking. There was no thinking in this thinking.

This was a carefully calculated political move based upon which stance would hurt him the least, and as such, it was a no brainer.

The vast majority of people that wanted Obama to side against gay marriage were never, in a million years, going to vote for him anyway. Not all…..but WAY most.

The vast majority of people that wanted him to come out (heh…) in support of gay marriage would have voted for him. He already had their votes, so he very clearly risked greater losses going against those folks wishes.

Will he lose some moderate and undecided votes because of this announcement? I’d say that’s a fair certainty. But to go the opposite way would cut into his existing support base, which is already taking some pretty good shots early in this race, and that just wouldn’t do.

This was not about integrity or moral character or evolution….or even giving the true issue a moments thought.

If it was about any of those things, he’d have come to todays conclusion long before today and been forthright about it from the start. This isn’t a new issue. This has been in the forefront since before he was president, and if his opinion was genuine he’d have gotten to it a long time ago. A leader leads.

This was cold, calculated politics.

This was pure campaign strategy.

Those that sought his blessing…..don’t get all warm and fuzzy over it. You’re not gay or straight or sideways to this man. You’re not even people.

You are votes.

Government spending = 28pts.
Investing in the future =33pts

Illegal aliens = 13pts
Undocumented immigrants = 30pts

Osama = 11pts
Usama = 11pts
(same point value but you get a $20 EBT credit for the ‘U’ spelling)

Treason = 7pts
Flexibilty = 30pts

I fucked up = 21pts
It’s George Bush’s fault = 30pts

Our woefully broken and bought senate has just approved the appropriation of $36,000,000,000 (count those zeroes) of our tax dollars to help to bailout the U.S.P.S.

The problem here is that this is neither a “bailout”, nor is it “help”….because those words would imply that the post office just needs a little boost to get back on its feet, and that is not the case.

The U.S.P.S. is dead. It has been replaced by newer, faster, cheaper and more efficient ways for us to communicate. In the year 2012, the post office is used for little more than junk mail, Netflix and to mail in absentee ballots from dead people (hmmm?).
Throwing our tax dollars at it at this stage of its demise is the equivelant of using medical research dollars to explore the advancement of bloodletting technology.

At the risk of redundancy, because pretty much everything I say comes back to this, this country is absolutely bleeding to death financially, and $36B is a whole lot of money to be throwing at an entity with ZERO future.

I ‘get it’ that there are people to be considered. I have friends and family that work and have worked for the postal service.
Every person that has spent their life working for the post office should absolutely get every dime and benefit that they are entitled to.
Everyone that is going to retire from the post office should as well, although I do question those who’ve entered the service within recent years as to their foresight. But that’s neither here nor there, as promises were made and should be fulfilled.

If this $36B was to cover those issues and came along with a complete shut down of hiring and a planned phase out of the U.S.P.S. with a hard ending date, I’d have little problem accepting it. If this was ‘one shot’, I’d not like it but it would be the right and fair thing to do and I’d take it.

But we all know that this will not be the case. This is just the start. This is going to become a big, scary, bureaucratic monster with an insatiable appetite for tax dollars that, along with so many similar monsters, will not stop feeding until there is nothing left for it to eat….and I cant see how anyone who contributes to the tax piggybank can possibly be ok with this.

I’m again invoking the Kenny Rogers Principle….

“You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em….”

The window for folding the United States Postal Service has long been closed, and I can think of a whole bunch ‘o better ways to spend $36,000,000,000.



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The Obama Administration is now releasing captured Afghan Taliban fighters from custody if they promise to be good and no longer participate in violent activities upon release.

We have now been relegated to being a bad remake of the old TV show, “Hogan’s Heroes”…only we’re the bumbling Germans and the Taliban is Hogan and his gang.

“Hassan’s Heroes”


Longtime New York Post sportswriter, Phil Mushnick, stepped into the fire this week by suggesting, jokingly or otherwise, that when the New York Nets, a team that is partially owned by hip-hop artist Jay-Z, upon moving to their new arena in Brooklyn should change their name to the “New York Niggas” as a nod to their owners lyrical tendencies. He then took it a step further on by coming up with the “Brooklyn Bitches” as a possible name for the teams cheer squad.

I don’t suppose I need to illustrate for you, my intelligent and logical readers, the pure shitstorm that this is stirring up in NYC, one of the largest African-American communities in the country, at the moment.

But here’s the thing….

While this was obviously not the wisest, nor the most effective way to win friends and influence people in the black community, at the end of the day what it was was a fairly ham-handed way of making a fairly valid point.

Jay-Z, as well as many of his contemporaries, have used words like niggas, bitches, hoes and a variety of other disparaging descriptives in his music throughout his career, and made millions upon millions of dollars doing so.
Would his career have not reached the heights it has without that? Almost certainly yes, it would’ve. There is a certain acceptance and ‘street cred’ in the hip-hop world of that sort of dialogue, but JayZ is a super talented guy and a super-talented business man, and he would’ve “happened” with or without that vocabulary.

But the fact, and therein the problem, is that many of the people that are going to call for Phil Mushnicks job, as well as his head, for utilizing these words are the very same people that have spent their hard earned money buying music by Jay-Z that contained the same words they claim they find offensive and insulting.

On its best day, that is blatant, textbook hypocrisy.

On its worst, its another log on the fire of racial tension, which is already burning nearly out of control in this country.

Words are important. Words are my religion and they have impact.
But when all is said and done, words only have the power you allow them to have.

If you find the words that Jay-Z uses in his music acceptable as lyrics, then you cannot with any level of credibility condemn Phil Mushnick for using those same words in a similar context in his work.

And if you find Phil Mushnicks use of these words offensive, then you cannot in good faith accept them from Jay-Z as entertainment.

This was a stupid and ill-conceived move by Phil Mushnick. It may have been a funny joke at the bar, even amongst a racially mixed group of friends. But putting it out in the press would be a career-breaker for most journalists. Mushnick has been on the NY sports beat forever, so maybe he survives this. That will play itself out for us over the next few days.

I dont believe these comments were published with malicious intent. I believe they were put out there to illustrate a point, and perhaps Mushnick, as a sportswriter, has no business making that point.

But from a personal standpoint, I find hypocrisy and manufactured racial tension way more offensive than any ‘word’ I’ve ever heard.

Tom & Suzie

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I just finished doing the live broadcast of the Tom & Suzie Show and it was an absolute blast.

Huge thanks to you guys for having me on and I hope we can do it again soon.

They’ll have the show up on itunes and Youtube in a few days and I’ll post the link here for anyone that might like to check it out.

You can listen to The Tom & Suzie Show’s archived shows at