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Off the grid

Posted: May 21, 2012 in The Weekly
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I’ll be laying low this week as I pack my bags and move once again.
It’s more a mental thing than physical. I abhor disruption. lol
Not much new going on right now anyway.

There is one thing I’m keeping an eye on, though. The FOX News website has evidently suspended its customers ability to comment on stories through DISQUS, but only on actual news items.
You can still comment on mindless pablum like which NBA team Kim and Khlobacca are having sex with or Lindsay Lohans latest drug bust.
They havent made any sort of statement on this that I’m aware of, but it bears watching when one of the largest conservative news sites on the planet starts censoring its customers.

Back in a week or so unless something big happens. 🙂


The ponderously long link below will take you to Fox News Todd Starnes website, where there is a video about a Christian couple in Illinois that own a bed & breakfast who are being investigated for human rights violations for refusing to host a civil union for a gay couple….

This less ponderous link will take you to an article I wrote back in June, predicting this very scenario so accurately it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up….

We’re seeing the earliest rumblings of ‘precedent’ being set here and it strikes me as something that should be of interest to just about everyone.

Plus I was right. heh…


Love you all, G