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How News Works

Posted: May 12, 2012 in The Weekly
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Planet Common Sense: Obama sucks



Posted: May 11, 2012 in The Weekly
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Barack Obama has 97 different scandals working.

Mitt Romney is apologizing for high school pranks from 47 years ago.

Man….if it weren’t for voter fraud, absentee ballots from dead folks and the New Barack Panther Party, November wouldn’t even be close. Heh…


Posted: May 7, 2012 in The Weekly
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The Obama Administration is now releasing captured Afghan Taliban fighters from custody if they promise to be good and no longer participate in violent activities upon release.

We have now been relegated to being a bad remake of the old TV show, “Hogan’s Heroes”…only we’re the bumbling Germans and the Taliban is Hogan and his gang.

“Hassan’s Heroes”


So in addition to using his incredibly heroic action of picking up the phone and saying “OK” to the team that had Osama Bin Laden in their gunsights (which the White House gardener could’ve done) in his re-election ads, now our president is in Afghanistan announcing that we’ve got Al Qaeda on the ropes and the evil “Darth W’s” war there is almost over.

Is there a ‘hard target’ IQ number at which people who fall under it are simply just too dumb to realize that this has been precision timed to run right up into the gut of the presidential election???

Is it going to take this clown calling a press conference and saying, “The last American troops will be back on American soil early in the morning on November 6th, 2012 just as the polls open…”, before people ‘get it’ that this is 100% campaigning???

In my lifetime, I’ve seen Richard Nixon fumble his way through the original, benchmark presidential scandal.

I have watched Gerry Ford be little more than target practice for kooks and fall down stairs.

I saw Jimmy Carter completely redefine the words “ineffective”, and later on “meddlesome”.

I cringed through Bill Clinton getting head from a fat chick in the freakin’ Oval Office, not to mention ruining a perfectly good Cuban cigar.

And I’ve watched a variety of Bush’s shrug their shoulders and say “oops” after going to war with a variety of foreign countries for little to no reason……

But I have never…..EEEEEEEver been as embarrassed of a president as I am of this unseemly, incompetent person squatting in the White House today using American soldiers as a campaign tool.

This man is a disgrace.

And in three…….two…….one……..

“The right is making a big deal out of nothing to make the Obama administration look bad going into November!!!”

LOL……yeah….just like they did with Solyndra……and Fast & Furious…..and the Constitutionality of Obamacare…..and SS agents bangin’ hookers…..and the $700B failed stimulus…..and “After my election I’ll have more flexibility”…..

Petty bunch, the right. 😉 heh…








It’s interesting how the company that manufactures this thing is permitted to desecrate American Flags and market them to the American public. This one flies over a house somewhere in New Jersey. (working on a street address)

It makes me wonder how fast the feds would fall all over that same company if they used this image on rolls of toilet paper or practice range targets.

Curious, indeed….


Ordering the DOJ to clearly state its position on the powers of the Supreme Court was an absolutely brilliant tactical move by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on several levels.

One…they subtly but firmly sent Barack Obama to the front of the classroom, wearing a dunce cap, to write “I understand how the three branches of the federal government work” five hundred times on the blackboard.

Two…they maintained the integrity of the Judicial branch by doing it properly and correctly, not through a media circus on a totally inappropriate and embarrassing stage…like the president did.

And three….when Obama tries to pull some executive scumbaggery after they announce that they’ve found Obamacare unconstitutional, all they have to do is hold up three single-spaced pages and say, “Shut the fuck up”.

Well played, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.