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This is a famous, wealthy person in a Hollywood shell who has no concept of what it’s like to worry about paying bills, has zero contact with street crime, doesn’t have to put kids through college and has no concern at all about losing their source of income.

It makes no difference in any tangible way who is elected president to Betty White.

The only difference between her and dopes like George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey is that she will long be dirt before any of Barack Obamas action and ideology even manifests itself anyway.

Her preference, as entitled to it as she may be, has no connection to this countrys reality whatsoever.

Also….ask her again in a few hours if she remembers who she endorsed. I bet she says Harry Truman.


Barack Obamas announcement today that he supports gay marriage was not an epiphany achieved after an extended period of agonizing consideration. There was no “evolving” in this thinking. There was no thinking in this thinking.

This was a carefully calculated political move based upon which stance would hurt him the least, and as such, it was a no brainer.

The vast majority of people that wanted Obama to side against gay marriage were never, in a million years, going to vote for him anyway. Not all…..but WAY most.

The vast majority of people that wanted him to come out (heh…) in support of gay marriage would have voted for him. He already had their votes, so he very clearly risked greater losses going against those folks wishes.

Will he lose some moderate and undecided votes because of this announcement? I’d say that’s a fair certainty. But to go the opposite way would cut into his existing support base, which is already taking some pretty good shots early in this race, and that just wouldn’t do.

This was not about integrity or moral character or evolution….or even giving the true issue a moments thought.

If it was about any of those things, he’d have come to todays conclusion long before today and been forthright about it from the start. This isn’t a new issue. This has been in the forefront since before he was president, and if his opinion was genuine he’d have gotten to it a long time ago. A leader leads.

This was cold, calculated politics.

This was pure campaign strategy.

Those that sought his blessing…..don’t get all warm and fuzzy over it. You’re not gay or straight or sideways to this man. You’re not even people.

You are votes.


Posted: April 24, 2012 in The Weekly
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If Barack Obama is (oh, the humanity…) allowed to have another term as president, we will see one or more states begin the process of seceding from the Union before it is over.

As always, please come get me if I’m wrong.

….the highly unlikely scenario of Hillary Clinton deciding to run against Barack Obama in 2012 arises, and presuming that Ryan/Rubio/Christie do not enter the fray, I would vote for her over Mitt Romney.


From: Barry
To: White House Human Resources Dept.
Subject: Hiring Policies


Foul-mouthed ignoramuses named Joe still ok.

Thanks, O

As a law-abiding, tax-paying American citizen, I demand that Barack Obama call a press conference, stand at the podium next to a life-sized RECENT picture of Trayvon Martin, complete with gold grill and tattoos, and publicly state….

“If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin”